The 2nd WCEC


Host Organisation: The Chinese General Chamber of Commerce, Hong Kong
Date: 22–24 November, 1993
Host City: Hong Kong
Theme: Chinese Entrepreneurs all over the Four Seas contribute to the prosperity of the Five Continents
Participants: Close to 1,000 Chinese entrepreneurs from over 21 countries and regions


(In Alphabetical Order)
Henry FOK
(Chairman of Organizing Committee)
Welcome Address
Henry FOK
(Chairman of Organizing Committee)
Closing Address
Victor FUNG
(Chairman, Hong Kong Trade Development Council)
Hong Kong – Regional Hub of the Overseas Chinese Network
HE Keqin
(Chairman, Guangdong Enterprises (Holdings) Ltd)
The Pearl River Delta – Forging Ahead under China's Open-Door Policy
David C. LAM 
(Lieutenant-Governor of British Columbia)
Harmony in a New Country – Achieving Success through Community Commitment
LEE Kuan Yew
(Senior Minister, Republic of Singapore)
Networking to Some Purpose
WANG Guangying
(Honorary Chairman, All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce)
Achievements of China's Open-Door Policy and the Socialist Market Economy
WANG Gungwu
(Vice-Chancellor, University of Hong Kong)
Entrepreneurial Strategies: The Chinese Experience Overseas
(Director, Xinhua News Agency, Hong Kong Branch)