The 8th WCEC


Host Organisation: Korea Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Date: 9–12 October, 2005
Host City: Seoul, South Korea
Theme: Greater Ties with Chinese Entrepreneurs; Enhancing Global Peace & Prosperity
Participants: Over 3,000 Chinese entrepreneurs from more than 30 countries and regions


(In Alphabetical Order)
BYUN Doosup
(CEO & President, Yedang Entertainment Company)
"Korean Wave" Connects Asian Culture
CAO Zhu'an
(Professor, Tsinghua University)
Challenges and Opportunities of Biotechnology in China
CHENG Kuangchuan
(Associate Director, Medarex Inc.)
Biotechnology and Bio-industry Development
CHO Wankyoo
(President, Bioindustry Association of Korea)
Current Status and Prospect in Bioindustry of Korea
Selina CHOW
(Chairman, Hong Kong Tourism Board)
Culture & Heritage: Hong Kong's Tourism Treasures
Benny T. HU 
(Chairman, CDIB Bioscience Ventures Fund)
Is China Taking all the Money from the Rest of Asia?
Chang-Gyu HWANG
(President & CEO, Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Business)
Semiconductor Inspiration for Ubiquitous Era
LEE Heegook
(President & CTO, LG Electronics Inc.)
Collaboration Opportunities between Korean and Chinese Electronic Industry
LIU Changle
(Chairman & CEO, Phoenix Satellite Television)
New Role of Chinese Mass Communication in the Globalized Era
LIU Chuanzhi
(Chairman, LENOVO Group)
The Lenovo Group: A Good Example of the Globalization of a Chinese Company
Peter LIU
(Chairman, WI Harper Group)
Is Asia as Profitable as they say it is?
MOON Shinyong
(Professor, College of Medicine, Seoul National University)
Embryonic Stem Cell Research: Present and Future
Loudon F. OWEN
(Managing Partner, McLean Watson Capital Inc.)
What do you Look for when Investing in a Venture Business?
ROH Moo-hyun
(President of South Korea)
Opening Remarks
WANG Dongsheng
(Chairman & CEO, BOE Technology Group Co Ltd)
To Boost a Bright Prospect through Chinese and Korean Entrepreneurs' Partnership
WOO Jongsik
(Chairman of the Board, Korea Game Development & Promotion Institute)
The Strategies for Future Game Industry & Global Cooperation
YANG Deokjoon
(President & CEO, Reigncom Limited)
Challenges and Strategies of Venture Business in the Asian Region
YI Cheolsang
(President & CEO, VK Corporation)
Korea's Mobile Industrial Strategy and the Cooperation with Chinese Entrepreneurs
YU Zailin
(President, China's PKU Weiming Biotech Group)
The R&D of Gene Drugs in China, Today and Tomorrow
YUAN Kuo-Tung
(Chairman, Korea Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry)
Opening Address